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Schüller, established in 1966, is among the top 5 European kitchen furniture manufacturers. Beyond Germany, Schüller delivers to countries across the globe. Their wide range of products including modern or vintage style kitchens ranks them among the most successful German kitchen furniture manufacturers.

Schüller focuses mainly on ergonomics. The efficiency of storage spaces, manufacturing quality and proficiency as well as very good prices are some other focal points of this family-owned company. They offer an abundance of front materials, such as melamine, laminate, foil, lacquered laminate, satin lacquer, lacquer with matt effect, lacquer in high gloss, acrylic – glass look, glass, wood and veneer.

Choose from the catalog, send us a floor plan and we will calculate the price for you

Schüller kitchens offer a wide selection of kitchens. Modern in shades of gray, colorful, or country-style kitchen. Schüller kitchens are for everyone. Choose a specific kitchen directly from the catalog, send us a floor plan and we will do a calculation. The easy way to your new dream kitchen.

But choosing a kitchen does not end it. Schüller kitchens also offer a wide selection of interior fittings and organizers for the entire kitchen. Interior equipment and organizers better plan your work in the kitchen and all things will find the right place. But if you need even more space and want to hide things that no one can see, then the Easy & Clean utility room is designed just for you.

Schüller kitchens – highly customized kitchens

One finds it difficult to imagine how it is possible to tailor every single manufactured Schüller kitchen to the needs of every single customer. But this is exactly what happens! The colours, selection of fronts, styles, dimensions of countertops and a lot more aspects are taken into account and carefully chosen before each Schüller kitchen is made.

Schüller kitchens are the heart of the home and family life. They are precisely measured at your place, precisely manufactured and mounted into the kitchen space in your house or flat. Every step we take is taken with the utmost care and precision. This is the only way to make sure that your experience from Schüller kitchens will be perfect.

Get inspired by our realizations when imagining a new interior

Design of interiors for a house, apartment, hotel, sales point or commercial premises is always comprehensively solved to the last detail. We emphasize functionality, practicality but also the choice of materials. Our Interior Designers will help you create a home or place for your business where you and your guests will feel great.

Designing the interiors of a house, apartment or point of sale may seem like a difficult thing at first glance. Don’t worry, it will be easy with us. Our team of interior designers and interior architects is ready to help and advise you with everything. All you have to do is contact us, plan a meeting with us and we will show you how it will all go.

Get inspired

Look at the projects

Get inspired

Look at the projects

Are you interested in a kitchen? Send us a floor plan and we will calculate the price for you.

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Are you interested in a kitchen? Send us a floor plan and we will calculate the price for you.

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