Utility room
Easy and Clean.

Where to put all the things we need daily, when they are not for everybody´s eyes ?

Since the moment a kitchen opened to make a coherent unit with a living space, there has been a question : „ Where to put all the things we need every day, but do not wish to display ?“ Many multi-story flats or houses do not have a cellar these days. And even if they had one, who would want to run down the stairs anytime they need to do the ironing, washing or to pick up something from their storeroom ?

Utility room Easy & Clean. This room is not just a storage room, but a carefully designed workplace for a washing machine, cleaning tools, storage and recycling bins. This is a place where, as we believe, you´ll enjoy doing your every day chores, because it will answer your needs and requirements. In the truest sense of the word, the aesthetic form and practical functions go hand in hand and offer more sophisticated solutions for household management

All furniture is built-in to save space and sophistication is the winning concept.

Tall cabinets offer a lot of storage space and pull-out systems meet all the washing and storage needs. There is a tall laundry separation cabinet with baskets.

The utility room Easy & Clean is the perfect solution for your household. A solution which saves space and time – everything is neatly prepared for all the things we need on a daily basis. There is a shoe closet, laundry separation cabinet, clothes drying rack and storage space, to name but a few advantages that this Easy & Clean multipurpose technical utility room offers.

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