Stylish apartment,
Retro - Bratislava.

Stylish apartment in the residential building Retro, in Bratislava.

This stylish apartment in the residential building Retro arose through teamwork of the owner, who is an interior designer and design-factory, the producer of the interior furniture. The apartment gravitates towards clean lines that are dominated by white, light grey and generous spaces of light oak.

The pure form of the prevailing clean lines in the original interior design of this apartment was slightly disturbed by a number of edges and sharp corners. And even though the simplicity of the shapes was pleasing to the eyes of the owner he wished for the space to be somehow softened. And this is where Branislav Mikitka intervened. This, „Guru of round shapes and curves“ , who in his own company invented his own technologies to create curves from plastic materials, artificial stone or wood, suggested taking the edges off by using a set of furniture solitaires. And so it happened!

The troop of curves marched into the apartment. They invaded all the rooms. The process of adaptation from the original plan saw many corrections of some of the compositions of the individual elements and the owner, having seen the possibilities of the new shapes, kept coming up with new ideas to complement the whole space.

Lots of discussions flew around, there was lots of remodelling going on, but the final result was indeed exceptional.

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