Stadler Form
exhibition stand.

From paper clippings to being broadcast on TV.

At the beginning there was a lot of moving of paper clippings here and there going on, to ponder over the best concept for a space which was not very generous for an exhibition stand. We were given only 21m2 to come up with the ideal way of how to present the products of the company as well as to incorporate a bar at the back of the stand.

The size of the stand truly posed a great challenge. We had to come up with an idea of individual exhibition blocks of either 50×50 cm or 25×25 cm, which created a nicely balanced and regular space across the whole stand area. The blocks were to be placed at different heights to visibly display the products, even in the back rows of the stand.

Intermediate pieces mounted under the shelves gave them a floating character, the L-shaped bar created a much-needed background space for things which were not meant to be displayed. The top, however, gave extra space for those products that the company wished to exhibit. The dominant white colour was complemented with the floor and shelves in an oak Bruno decor, which we also used for the front of the bar, to stylistically break up the white space.

The minimalist style and clean design style was prevalent, we wanted the stand to be both simple as well as interesting.

The outcome was preceded by a number of weeks during which we needed to fine-tune the whole process down to the last detail. So we created a host of 3D visualizations that we compared with the owner´s expectations and needs.

We at design-factory, stress the importance of details which, as we believe, can only make a perfect result. This project has proven our philosophy.

And what did we receive in return for this finely implemented job, apart from the obvious things ? The active presentation of Stadler Form Slovakia took us on to the television screen.

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