A Kitchen and living room combined

An open-concept kitchen. The idea of these two rooms connected may be hair-raising for some, but wonderful for others. However, we at design-factory believe that an open-space kitchen, sometimes collectively called the great room, has more benefits than drawbacks. A clever solution and well considered design both have the power to create a space that you and your family will enjoy.

An open-concept kitchen seems to be a great solution for houses, apartments or flats where separation of these two rooms would create a cramped space. Open-concept kitchens are solutions for those who wish to have an open and spacious room where light travels easily.

The beauty of an open-concept kitchen is that the cook never has to miss out on the conversations of those lazing on the sofa, when preparing meals.

Combined kitchens with living rooms not only combine two separate rooms, but also contribute to the functionality of the space.

Do you dream about a spacious and well-lit room in your house, flat or apartment, where all the family can meet ? The open-concept kitchen may be the answer!

The equipment and organizers will facilitate your cooking

We use quality materials and pay attention to spotless design, simply because the first impression counts – and that goes for your new kitchen too. Anyone who spends a lot of time cooking needs a well considered concept of how their kitchen interior is going to be, so that every inch of the space has its purpose. It is important to know where to reach for all the things you need at once. The drawer organizers offer a variety of options that seem to be countless. Get inspired and consult our advisors when designing your dream kitchen.

Plastic or wooden ? You can choose from a wide range of solutions for the organizers and internal equipment for the kitchen drawers or cabinets. We can attend to your needs with either basic plastic organizers but also with elegant wooden organizers in brown or black colour. The decision is in your hands.

Where traditional ends something unique begins

Since the moment a kitchen opened to make a coherent unit with a living space, there has been a question : „ Where to put all the things we need every day, but do not wish to display ?“ A lot of multi-story flats or houses do not have any cellars these days. And even if they did have them, who would love to run down the stairs anytime they need to do the ironing, washing or pick up something from their storeroom ?

Therefore, we have come up with the idea of a multipurpose technical and utility room. This room is not just a storage room, but a carefully designed work place for a washing machine, cleaning tools, storage and recycling bins. This is a place where, as we believe, you´ll enjoy doing your every day chores, because it will answer to your needs and requirements. In the truest sense of the word, the aesthetic form and practical function hold hands and offer more sophisticated solutions for household management

Multipurpose technical and utility room

More sophisticated solutions for household management.

Multipurpose technical and utility room

More sophisticated solutions for household management.

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