Modern kitchens
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Modern kitchens marked by simplicity and unconventional elements

There is no such man or woman who would not like to live in a house dressed with the latest trends. We transform old to new and obsolete to modern with a view to prolonging the time during which you can use your kitchen and still enjoy spending time in it.

Today the trends in kitchen design rely on simplicity, minimalism and clean lines. Design-factory kitchens combine that simplicity with unconventional elements that immediately catch your eye. The look is not everything. Far from it – modern kitchens are practical. Modern kitchens have a well-considered concept of internal equipment and drawer organizers which simplify your kitchen work.

The equipment and organizers will facilitate your cooking

We use quality materials and pay attention to spotless design, simply because the first impression counts – and that goes for your new kitchen too. Anyone who spends a lot of time cooking needs a well considered concept of how their kitchen interior is going to be, so that every inch of the space has its purpose. It is important to know where to reach for all the things you need at once. The drawer organizers offer a variety of options that seem to be countless. Get inspired and consult our advisors when designing your dream kitchen.

Plastic or wooden ? You can choose from a wide range of solutions for the organizers and internal equipment for the kitchen drawers or cabinets. We can attend to your needs with either basic plastic organizers but also with elegant wooden organizers in brown or black colour. The decision is in your hands.

It starts with a kitchen...

Kitchens are becoming a very important part of a living space of every house. We design them so that they do not disturb it but rather merge with other living spaces – the hall, closet, pantry, multi-purpose technical and utility room or with a living room.

The kitchen will be the first to look at in case of any turnkey project. The interior design of all other spaces in a house or flat may answer to the style in the kitchen and thus to make a unified space with a distinctive atmosphere.

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