interior design.

We offer design solutions for interiors right down to the last detail.

Interior design focuses mainly on the interior layout of a space, that meets practical, aesthetic or artistic aspects. It should expand on the architecture of the building, follow a certain concept and reflect the client´s style and taste.

Design-factory has been in the interior design industry for many years. We design both residential as well as commercial interiors and implement turn-key projects.

We believe the space where we spend our lives privately or professionally should make us feel wonderful. At the same time it must be both practical and functionable.

Interior design only works as a whole when all the fragments and elements have their specific place and the individual pieces slide together and complement each other.

Our team of interior designers and architects is ready to design the home or place of business you have dreamt of all your life.

Visit us at our interior design studio.

The interior design studio is located near the train station in Holíč in Western Slovakia, only a few kilometres from the border with the Czech Republic. A journey from Brno or Bratislava will only take you about an hour.

The entrance to the studio is from the right side of the building and there are signs for directions, which will get you safely to our door. Or, plan your journey with the GPS navigation in your mobile phone application.

Visit us in our interior design studio.

Available from Monday to Friday.

Visit us in our interior design studio.

Available from Monday to Friday.

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