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Are you building new house or planning to furnish the interior of your house or flat?

Interior design is a complex service which takes into account the personality of an individual. Its inherent parts combine practicality and utility. We design the interiors, whether personal or commercial, so that the outcome is a harmonious unit. So, what can you expect if you place an order with design-factory ?

The whole process starts with us visiting the space, understanding its needs and requirements and a discussion with the client. It is essential for us to focus on your style, specialties and requirements. Then we need a floor plan.

If you do not have the floor plan, we can measure the space. What comes next is a two dimensional interior layout and should a client require it, a three dimensional design can follow. The three dimensional interior design is not free of charge, its price will depend on the complexity and extent of the project. The price therefore varies and is never fixed.

Then there is the project supervision, with which our steps continue and which we consider very important. We closely observe the development and fine-tune the process down to the last details. We want the client to be always satisfied.

Where traditional ends something unique begins

Since the moment a kitchen opened to make a coherent unit with a living space, there has been a question : „ Where to put all the things we need every day, but do not wish to display ?“ A lot of multi-story flats or houses do not have any cellars these days. And even if they did have them, who would love to run down the stairs anytime they need to do the ironing, washing or pick up something from their storeroom ?

Therefore, we have come up with the idea of a multipurpose technical and utility room. This room is not just a storage room, but a carefully designed workplace for a washing machine, cleaning tools, storage and recycling bins. This is a place where, as we believe, you´ll enjoy doing your every day chores,  because it will answer your needs and requirements. In the truest sense of the word, the aesthetic form and practical function go hand in hand and offer more sophisticated solutions for household management.

Multipurpose technical and utility room

More sophisticated solutions for household management.

Multipurpose technical and utility room

More sophisticated solutions for household management.

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