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Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer or any other device as you are browsing our website. We do not violate regulations of GDPR nor Law on Personal Data Protection by placing cookies on your devices as they do not help us collect any personal information which we do not provide to any other agents or third parties. Users giving consent to the use of cookies on this site are not identified by the cookies nor do these cookies profile or specify activities towards said persons.

Every user who activates cookies on his device gives consent for their storage on their browser, therefore it is not necessary to require a duplicate consent from a website operator. Cookies can only be used if they have been activated by a user on his device browser. If the user does not agree with the use of cookies he disables this feature by turning it off in his browser.

Cookies are stored on a user´s computer to enable access to various features. We use cookies to improve the efficiency of your visits on our site. We use cookies to remember your preferences, such as the font size, preferred language, colours, etc. Cookies help us collect analytical information, i.e. the number of our visitors or how our website is used by them. By no means does such analysis involve the personal data of our visitors. It is exclusively the unique identifier of a session which is stored and which enables the loading of a profile and browsers´preferences when our website is revisited.

Types of cookies:

  • session cookies exist only in the temporary memory while the user navigates the website and are deleted when the browser is closed,
  • persistent cookies are stored on a user´s device for longer. These cookies can be deleted by the user,

The menu of most browsers contains configuration options for the settings, i.e. the browser usually has the option to turn on cookies, browse cookies and turn off all or selected cookies, etc.

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