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A one-floor house where every room has a very distinctive character

A complex solution for a turnkey house has worked with a number of interesting and unconventional elements, such as a multi-purpose utility room, garage furniture and a table made of wooden flooring material.

Each and every room in this one-floor house has its very own distinctive character, yet there is an unopposed liaison among them, they connect. Natural materials and wood play the main role in this house. The open concept kitchen in shades of black complemented with wooden elements boasts a bench and dining table made from wooden flooring materials. The illuminated customized wall unit in the living room perfectly unifies the space. The natural wood has been treated with resilient natural oil.

The space under the stairs used to be decorated with an old piano. Later, this place found a different purpose in the form of hidden storage and a small wine fridge.

Two more specialities in this house are worth mentioning.  A mirror dresser in the bedroom and white, vacuum pressed, laminated foil interior doors. The process of laminating this interior door has been the most extensive so far – it included lateral lamination of corners and all structured parts

The process of laminating this interior door has been the most extensive so far – it included lateral lamination of the corners and all structured parts.

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Our interior design projects for a house, flat, hotel, retail outlet or commercial premises are always dealt with comprehensively, with the utmost care and a sensitive eye for detail. When it comes to the design, what is promoted first and foremost is always practicality and functionality of a project idea, however the selection of materials is considered equally. Our interior designers will help you create a place where you, your family, guests or business partners will thrive.

At first glance the process of designing your interior may seem to be an intricate matter. Do not worry, we will make it an easy adventure. Our team of interior designers and architects is ready to help and assist you. Do not hesitate to contact us, plan a meeting and let us show you how our interior design projects are carried out.

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